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Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics

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Research Summary:

Yan Chen is a professor in the School of Information. She also holds an appointment as research professor with the U-M Institute for Social Research. Her research interests are in behavioral and experimental economics, mechanism design, voting theory, and public finance. The fundamental challenge her research addresses is the design of robust economic mechanisms when agents are not perfectly rational. Mechanism design theory assumes people are perfectly rational and can reach an equilibrium instantly in an economic situation. Chen's research looks at questions of how people really learn in such situations, what types of mechanisms aid that learning, and whether such learning can eventually lead to the states of equilibrium, predicted by theory. She conducts both theoretical and experimental research, bringing human subjects into the laboratory to work with economic games.

Working Papers:

  • Information Acquisition and Provision in School Choice: An Experimental Study.
    Yan Chen and Yinghua He. 2017. (pdf) (online appendix)
  • Matching in the Large: An Experimental Study.
    Yan Chen, Ming Jiang, Onur Kesten, Stephane Robin and Min Zhu. 2016. (pdf)
  • Chinese College Admissions and School Choice Reforms: An Experimental Study.
    Yan Chen and Onur Kesten. 2016. (pdf)
  • Social Comparisons, Status and Driving Behavior.
    Yan Chen, Fangwen Lu and Jinan Zhang. 2016. (pdf)


(Everyday) yanchen_at_umich_edu

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Ph.D. students and post-docs:
Yingzhi Liang
Iman Yeckehzaare
Ark Fangzhou Zhang

SI 563: Game Theory on open.michigan: The slides have been dScribed by my former student, Mike Harmala.


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