A Note on the data files of the Serial + ACP experiments with links to data:

1. *.dat are the original data files recorded by the program, messy. 

    *.ddg are the digested data files sorted by Bruce Bell after each experiment.

 2. There are five different treatments: 

(1) One-shot games: each game has eight rounds, round robin design.

 key information:  round matches demB demR payB payR odemB odemR statsB statsR

 matches: vector which denotes the matching order of the Red. Each round Blue remains            

               the same, we rotate the Reds.

demB: demand vector for the Blue.

payB: payoff vector for the Blue.

odemB = demR: demand vector for the opponent of Blue, redundant.

statsB: the distribution of demands for Blue.

 Files: Serial -- Caltech sessions - srcit1, srcit2, srcit3

                        PCC sessions    - srpcc1, srpcc2, srpcc3

            ACP -- Caltech sessions - arcit1, arcit2, arcit3

                        PCC sessions    - arpcc1, arpcc2, arpcc3


(2) Repeated synchronous games: fixed pair, 150 rounds with limited info.

 Files: Serial -- Caltech - 703ssim      ACP -- Caltech - 702asim

                        PCC     - 711ssim                     PCC     - 710asim

                        UM   -   sersynfm                    UM     -  acpsynfm

 key:  [player-1] [player-2] round round2 dem1 dem2 pay1 pay2 cumpay2

 dem1: demand from player 1 

round2 = round: the round counter for player 2, redundant. 

cumpay2 = pay2, redundant 

(3) Repeated asynchronous treatment: fixed pair, 150 rounds, lag=5 for player 2. 

Files: Serial -- Caltech - 705slag      ACP -- Caltech - 701alag

                        PCC     - 708sp5                      PCC     - 709ap5           

                          UM serasnfm                      UM    - acpasnfm 

key:  [player-1] [player-2] round round2 dem1 dem2 pay1 pay2 cumpay2 

round2: round counter for player 2, adjust every five actual rounds. 

(4) Repeated synchronous: random re-matching (all UM sessions)

            Serial: sersynr1, sersynr2, sersynr3. ACP : acpsynr1, acpsynr2, acpsynr3 

(5) Repeated asynchronous: random re-matching (all UM sessions)

            Serial: serasnr1, serasnr2, serasnr3. ACP : acpasnr1, acpasnr2, acpasnr3